Thursday, October 16, 2014

Time to get to business

Let us talk about the Ebola crisis. I believe that this disease. Might very well be one of the plaques talked about in Revelations. America has been free from rare infectious diseases for decades. Why, now are we being bombarded. 
My opinion, is that this great Christian nation is losing favor with God. The prayer warriors are dying out. Children are not being taught to pray by their parents. And, of course the Catholic church and others has turned from God for greed.
Remember: We are the voices of the Unspoken

Friday, October 10, 2014

Extra Introduction

This post will explain more about this site. I wish to examine the things that happened in my life. But, I don't want to be alone. Each human is connected by life events. I can say that my life is very connected with that of Frida Kahlo's life. 
So, I hope with sharing extraordinary life events. I can find other people like me. This is what the pneuma is leading me to do. 
Our life experiences plays a role, of who we become along the journey. I believe that something is going to be discovered. Let us discover it together.
Remember: We are the voices of the Unspoken.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What is an extraordinary event?

I can say that my experience of an extraordinary event was seeing an angel. It was the same night my brother died. I just had to sleep in his room. I believe that feeling came from the tugging of the pneuma. I was only 6 yrs old.
The pneuma is the Greek word for the spirit of God.
The question to answer.
Who has seen an angel?
Remember: We are the voices of the Unspoken.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Introduction: What?

This blog site is a place where people can discuss certain topics. The discussions will sometimes start as a question asked by the site's owner. Or, the discussion we have together. I hope will come from posts and the topics pertain to events of extraordinary measure or evidence of the pneuma's work in the world.
REMEMBER: We are the voices of the Unspoken.