Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Extraordinary Events Have Begun

  Remember, remember when the extraordinary events were spoken. I, knew America was in the dark days of tribulation time. The events that are taking place are empowered by angry citizens. 
  A collective consciousness of people who want to be heard. The march still continues. I have a profound feeling that the criminal justice system will fail its" citizens. The Second Revolution for civil rights will not play out like the revolution 
 Different players and a different field. We, as American are waking up to the fact. That the system has played their citizens. Undercover racism.
  The women and men of my generation are not afraid. We survived the Cold War drills. The same people with the uniform. Are not excluded from this population of people. 
  Strange things are going to happen. America's social justice system is going to collapse. Stop!  blaming Washington and start cleaning up the city and state officials. 
  The city officials of those damage neighborhoods. Must recognize that the memorable representatives. Who, spoke in the First Revolution for civil Rights. 
   Have, no speaking platform for this Second Revolution for civil Justice. Those, such people left the communities. So, therefore, have no knowledge of the terms at hand
   The occurrence of the Revolution is not of action that is organized. This Second Revolution is an extraordinary event deemed and demanded! This time the opponent is not of the material world. 
   Murder for Murder is never a component of God. People must choose. When, the name God is used. And, man should not create idols. 
   I feel to murder in the "name of the dead" was disrespectful to victim and his family. He was not ask to be made an idol. His name was placed above life. God's pneuma grants life and death. Let him rest with his heavenly realm.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Voices of the Unspoken: My Quest, Your Quest, Our Quest

Voices of the Unspoken: My Quest, Your Quest, Our Quest:    A few of my readers have asked about my invitation to join my quest. I have no foundational element in my quest. I suppose my search is f...

My Quest, Your Quest, Our Quest

   A few of my readers have asked about my invitation to join my quest. I have no foundational element in my quest. I suppose my search is for the company. I am searching for higher understanding, of why?. This person, that is named Kimberley is here.  And, the knowledge. That there are people that like me. 
   I know that the end of this world is coming. I ponder on that fact. Instead, of filling my mind with worldly, useless information all the time. I, continue on the spiritual path.
   I am just a woman saying, Hi! A newbie blogging.  Being led by the pneuma being a part of an extraordinary event.  

Monday, December 22, 2014

A Tribute to Whiney

   Whitney Houston was an extraordinary event. She was a gift, that was blessed by an angel. Then, she was given to the world. 
   I was looking at her life. She lived a quiet and simple life. She had great wealth, but knew the meaning of why. 
  She had wealth, because she was blessed with a voice. Whitney's voice then faded. She was not heard. 
   The blessed are leaving this earth. They are dying at young ages and at unexpected, surprising times.  And, just as she started to learned to live, again.
    One would ask, "How was she living."  She was a woman of God. A great mother and caring mother. Lastly and most importantly, she was led by the pneuma.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What's the Future?

 " What's the future for me and my sons?" shouts the man. As the stepfather of Eric Garner walks out of the court. It is an extraordinary event when a human being can take the life of another human being. Then when the facts are viewed and the punishment is decided. 
   This event becomes extraordinary because it goes beyond all principles. The decision not to punish a man for killing another man. This event radiants fear, oppression, anger, and the remembrance of slavehood.  
 An explanation was not given to the family or the nation. Explaining, why Mr. Garner's life had no value and no meaning. I hope the voices are heard, now. 
 The people of this nation watches. As our soldiers go into other nations. Fighting governments that America labels as being lawless. I wonder how the black soldier is feeling in Afghanistan. 
 I do not know the effect this has toward race relations. I thought that we had almost reached the other side of that mountain. Like Dr. Martin Luther King dreamed. 
  But, as we move forward into the next year. All countries and all people will be tested. The pneuma will move in ways. That will show that we all have one thing in common. We can not escape the signs of the last days.


Monday, December 8, 2014

Voices of the Unspoken: Time to get to business

Voices of the Unspoken: Time to get to business: Let us talk about the Ebola crisis. I believe that this disease. Might very well be one of the plaques talked about in Revelations. America...