Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Coming Days Will Represent Extraordinary Events

   Hail, to the ones who have seen the angels. The days coming will be America's tribution time. We must look for the extraordinary events. For instance, a 7yr old black girl playing a violin. She is expecting for the people of Ferguson,Mo. to feel the vibrations of peace coming from her bow and string.
 The people that are protesting are of all races. They know that we are living in the tribulation. These are people that are afraid. They are feeling that this country's justice system is a farce. A system that failed. When, for those that needs a justice to stand.  
 The impoverished communities of this country are forsaken. The outsiders can move in and out of their neighborhoods. But, can the poor move in and out of their suburbs? No, they would be apprehended, stopped, and questioned on the spot.
  I know the pneuma is at work, but so is the adversary. I say "God please bless America". For we are walking, in the valley of the Dark, shadows of doubts. 
  I say to those who are reading this. Watch close for the pneuma creating extraordinary events.    

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Daughter Seen An Angel

   I ran out of the bathroom and sat on the arm of chair in the living room. Looking down the hallway. I called for my daughter to come out of my father's room. I heard laughing and her talking. She runs out and says, "Poppy" needs to talk to you. She and I were the only family members that called my father by that name.
   This is what she told me. "Mommy, poppy had bigg wings"!  I asked her what Poppy was doing. She tells me that he was sitting in his chair.  Reading a book and he had a crown on his head,  just like the Little Mermaid.
    How did I know that my daughter witnessed an extraordinary event? She articulated to me. That she saw an angel. This angel wore a crown. Just, like the Little Mermaid's father wore.
   The Little Mermaid was her favorite cartoon. That video was taken everywhere with us. Including, to our weekend visits to see my father,
   I knew that she was telling me the truth. I felt scared. But, not afraid. I knew the Pneuma  led me back to my father's  house. So, that my daughter could meet her guardian angel.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Secretly, Whispering My Daughter's Extraordinary Event

  I was 20 yrs. old and my daughter was almost 2 yrs old. When my father passed away. We had been staying at my childhood home. While, I took care of my father the last 2 months of his life.
Instead, of staying at my sister's house. The pneuma was leading me again.
  Edging me. So, I went back to my childhood home. Where, I had been taking care of my dying father. I was not going to return. I had a feeling that something supernatural was going to happen.
  Just as that extraordinary event happened to me. It, was going to happened to my daughter. I was in the bathroom preparing a bath for her. She was in the hallway. My heart felt the pneuma.
  My father's bedroom door slammed. Just, like he would slam it. My daughter ran to the door. I watched. She went in to my father's room.
  I heard her laughing and talking