Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Daughter Seen An Angel

   I ran out of the bathroom and sat on the arm of chair in the living room. Looking down the hallway. I called for my daughter to come out of my father's room. I heard laughing and her talking. She runs out and says, "Poppy" needs to talk to you. She and I were the only family members that called my father by that name.
   This is what she told me. "Mommy, poppy had bigg wings"!  I asked her what Poppy was doing. She tells me that he was sitting in his chair.  Reading a book and he had a crown on his head,  just like the Little Mermaid.
    How did I know that my daughter witnessed an extraordinary event? She articulated to me. That she saw an angel. This angel wore a crown. Just, like the Little Mermaid's father wore.
   The Little Mermaid was her favorite cartoon. That video was taken everywhere with us. Including, to our weekend visits to see my father,
   I knew that she was telling me the truth. I felt scared. But, not afraid. I knew the Pneuma  led me back to my father's  house. So, that my daughter could meet her guardian angel.