Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Extraordinary Event of Courage

  It is an extraordinary event to stand out for the truth. That is what that juror is going to do in Ferguson, Mo. One courageous women is going to convey material to the people of America. 
 That will prove racism still exist and is more dangerous than before. Why, because the courts have created policies and procedures. That protect officials that have made bad decisions based on the race of another.  
  She is going to challenge the courts. The Nations are watching our justice system. 
      Right, when this event happens and then cheered . Paris is rippled with fear. Fear, that is going to stay. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Voices of the Unspoken: The Extraordinary Event of Ada Wright

Voices of the Unspoken: The Extraordinary Event of Ada Wright:    Extraordinary events are sometimes swept under hidden in our memories. If, I am not careful. I will miss the testimonies of my life. And,...

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Extraordinary Event of Ada Wright

   Extraordinary events are sometimes swept under and hidden in our memories.  If, I am not careful. I will miss these events of my own life. Sometimes, these events are told by my elders. 
   This phenomenon of hearing ancestral history is called oral tradition.  This tradition is dying away, due to the Great Beast of technology.
   The pneuma  can move people, even when they are not aware of being moved.  So, to hear prophecy being told . A person must beliEvE that they are good enough to hear. 
    Ada Wright was my grandmother and she loved my mother.  She was a wise woman and she was proud to be a member of the Order of  Eastern Star. 
    Often, telling of`her own prophetic visions.  My grandmother spoke to my mother about one of her visions. Bestowing a visualization cue that would impact my mother forever.
    She said, "Close your eyes and image."  That money will be lying on the streets,  just blowing in and out of the gutters. The money having no value, because it is only paper.
    She did not know why this would happen. But, she warned that when this great action occurs. The great tribulation is around the corner.
    After, hearing this wonderful piece of oral ancestry.  I performed my duty passing the oral 
information on to the fourth generation.  Henceforth, teaching my daughter. The value of talking about her past ancestors to her children. And, about familial prophecy.  
     But, I also had to believe the pneuma was speaking to me too. Keeping watch for this to happen. Remember, there is a soldier in every family.
     Keeping watch of the signs of the time. I will say that it is around the corner. So, I ask myself some questions.
      What will happen to the money of Greece?  Will there money be the blowing in ancient streets of Athens?  I will be watching!  
       Remember: we are the voices of the Unspoken