Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Extraordinary Event of Knighthood

 There is a great need for me to explain. My passion about expressing my own experiences of the "pneuma" at work in my life.
  After, I was born. I believe that the doctor held me high proclaiming me a child blessed by the Creator. I trust that my memories are accurate. Of  the years spent with my brother. Believing that he was training me for my life's quest.  So, that I may fulfil my destiny, as he fulfilled his.
 But, I am not in paradise and doubt sets in. I fear the knowledge given to me. So, I hesitant to explore the meaning of my visions.
 I have been silent for a reason. The Creator has been dealing with me. I am a true crusader. I am not on a quest for Jerusalem, I am Jerusalem. I am a Knight ready to lead.