Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Extraordinary Event of Understanding One's Quest

  I call to the one who has been waiting upon me. The king of earth or of the heavenly worlds. I have kept myself from the world. My parents trained me well.
  I heard my father weep to his sister. He told her that he did not want to die. Not, because of the things of this world. He wept.  Because he did not want to leave me, his child. Even, though his daughter was an adult.
  I could hear the terror in his voice. He wanted to be here with me. During these dark days and see me through this final battle.
 As, he saw my brother fight his battle of dying. My brother shed his blood upon my father. His heart exploded, causing him to he bleed through every orifice.
  I will tell the enemy that has been around me. Just, as my guardian has, too.  I cannot deny that the man that died for me. The man that died for all of us. His battle was hard.
 He did not have to do it. But, when he closed his eyes. He saw my face and the faces of his brothers and sisters. He knew that extraordinary events would come upon us.
  I know there are others that have seen angels. Now, is a good time for them to aid in our quest. Can anyone relate? Can anyone help me on my quest?


Monday, August 17, 2015

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Extraordinary Event of Knighthood

 There is a great need for me to explain. My passion about expressing my own experiences of the "pneuma" at work in my life.
  After, I was born. I believe that the doctor held me high proclaiming me a child blessed by the Creator. I trust that my memories are accurate. Of  the years spent with my brother. Believing that he was training me for my life's quest.  So, that I may fulfil my destiny, as he fulfilled his.
 But, I am not in paradise and doubt sets in. I fear the knowledge given to me. So, I hesitant to explore the meaning of my visions.
 I have been silent for a reason. The Creator has been dealing with me. I am a true crusader. I am not on a quest for Jerusalem, I am Jerusalem. I am a Knight ready to lead.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Voices of the Unspoken: The Extraordinary Event of a Flag

Voices of the Unspoken: The Extraordinary Event of a Flag:   I never understood the importance of a flag. I could not place value upon an object that divides nations and human being living on the sam...

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Voices of the Unspoken: The Extraordinary Event of Watching

Voices of the Unspoken: The Extraordinary Event of Watching:  Remember in the story of Ada Wright. I talked about money laying on the streets of Athens. This very thing might happen at anytime.  The &...

The Extraordinary Event of Watching Revisited.

 Remember, the story 'The Extraordinary Event of Ada Wright' and the prophecy that she told to my mother. She talked about the streets filled with money that was worthless. So, I correlated  that prophecy to Greece.
 The "pneuma"  tells me that when this happens. The Great Tribulation will begin. Because the European dollar is that money laying on the streets.
 The “beast” will roar when Greece reclaims the “drachma”.  When this happens Greece will break free from the EU. But, now as watch. I believe that the country that will be the U.K.This will cause a chain reaction of other countries, leaving the EU.
 Revelation warns the "horns of the ram," will break free from the face. I was taking a World religion class. Studing the testiment Revelation in the Bible.  John had a vision of a The  "pneuma" revealed to me when  I believe that the left horn represents Eastern Europe and the right  Western Europe. Greece was the first country to join the EU and will be the first to leave. Keep watch! Remember: We are the voice of the Unspoken

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Voices of the Unspoken: The Extraordinary Event of Knowing

Voices of the Unspoken: The Extraordinary Event of Knowing:  I was in elementary school when my grandmother began to pray over my pencils. But, only when a test was taken and every time I would pass t...

The Extraordinary Event of Knowing

 I was in elementary school when my grandmother began to pray over my pencils. But, only when a test was taken and every time I would pass that test. Even, when  I did not study for that test.
 My grandmother was teaching me 3 lessons. The first and greatest lesson was the power of faith. I believed that my grandmother's prayers were heard by the creator. The second lesson was the power of prayer. I believed that my grandmother was a prayer warrior. The third lesson taught was the power of "knowing."  She was teaching me to know. I was blessed by the creator.
 The " pneuma " began teaching me things that were to come. After,  my brother passed. I remember   having a sense "knowing". That the Great Tribulation would forever be a part of my ideals and thinking
 If,  I was asked, "What is the meaning of my existence?"  I would answer, "I am waiting upon the new earth and new heavens."  I am doing this asking the creator. What is needed from me today.
 The extraordinary event of knowing is certain and unmovable. But, is a lonely existence. My friend has gone to be with the creator.
 So, I am very lonely. Is there a soul out there to comfort me?  Does anyone dare to let me in their world and share the extraordinary event of knowing. Remember: We are the voices of the unspoken

Monday, June 8, 2015

The Extraordinary Event of Our Quest

   I am perplexed, but not surprised. Witnessing the awesome and tragic extraordinary events. That are occurring in America and countries around the world. 
  These events are indicators of what is to come. I am sure that judgment has come upon all. Americans hold on tight, because we are paying for the sins of our forefathers. 
 We are now paying for the countless atrocities upon people of color. The deep seed of racism has not only affected our black, brown, yellow, and red Americans. That seed of racism has sprung across oceans. 
  I am an American. But, my home is where the "pneuma" dwells. I was asleep at birth. Waking to the voice of the doctor shouting, "Blessed child". As he held me high above his head. 
 He blessed a child that would suffer as a "biracial" American. A child that would not be accepted by neither race.  I have used this blessing of being white and black. 
 Understanding, the words that my mother said to me. Kimmy, you have the best of both worlds running through your veins. I have never chosen which race to call my own. So, I can tell the people of America and the world. 
 Yes, the races are not the same. But, both races have the generational curse of racism.  Our quest will be one of exploring and discovering. How racism has affected all human being.  In, which I will use the blessing of seeing "no color" and "no nationality".  

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Extraorinary Event of Knowing A True Knight

  This story is to remind the world. That my brother was here for a brief time. Born into this world to conquer death and disease.
  Anthony was born with a rare congenital heart defect. That was unknown and terrifying for the population of infants, born in the early 1970's. The Heart specialist called the problem a "defect". There were six infants born with same defect as my brother at the same hospital.  My brother was the only baby that survived.  
  His first open heart surgery was performed at a day old. The doctors kept the whole of his heart opened. His arteries were twisted and tied.That is something to ponder on. 
  The procedure left a " perfect cross" on his chest. A  "symbol" and "sign" that proved to me who my brother would become. 
  A year before he died. He was sitting in the backseat of the car. He wrapped his arms around my mother. Looked at her in the rearview mirror and stated to her in a definite tone. " Mommy, when I die don't cry for me, because when I leave i am going to stand on the right hand side of God in his Army".
 My mother said that she believed him and she feared hearing that news. She knew that my brother had grown beyond his years in one night. And that he made peace with death.
 He started reading the Bible. He began quoting scriptures. Scriptures referring to the end days. He was preparing me for the life. I was his Mrs. Piggy and he was my Kermit the Frog.
  My brother lived 8 years and survived 3 open heart surgeries. The specialist cheered each time. The last surgery, a procedure was discovered.  A procedure that corrected the defect of the heart.
  But, they missed their mark correcting my brother's heart. If, this is not a perfect example of the phrase "missing the mark". My brother started to get sick, again. The doctors told my parents that the graph was an inch off and he could not withstand another surgery.
 He served his Army well. Now, infants that are born with this heart problem can live normal lives. The surgery can wait until the patient is 18 yrs. His procedure is in the AJM.  
 I can testify that my brother slowly died. He did not complain. He did not wish for more time. Not, even for me.
 My brother got up off the couch and asked my mom to dress him. He looked in the mirror and said, "mom you sure make me look handsome"  He turned to me and told me he would see me later.
  When my brother spoke those words. I knew that he was going to the real battlefield. So. I have always known the protection true Knight. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Voices of the Unspoken: Happenings

Voices of the Unspoken: Happenings:     Extraordinary events are just happenings in a world. Like it just happened the fact that a black man became a " voted by the peopl&...


   Extraordinary events are just happenings in a world. Like it just happened the fact that a black man became a " voted by the peopl"e ruler. When,  all I ever heard,  was there will never be a black President.  
Remember we are the voices of the : Unspoken

Don't give up on me
my Quest, your Quest, our Quest

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Voices of the Unspoken: The Power of Collective Consciousness

Voices of the Unspoken: The Power of Collective Consciousness:    Did the people of the marches know about the power of collective consciousness? Did the people of Ferguson know that they would facilita...

The Power of Collective Consciousness

   Did the people of the marches know about the power of collective consciousness? Did the people of Ferguson know that they would facilitate extraordinary events ?  
 The marches were for the victims of police violence. But, the marchers marched for their own reason. They marched for final freedom. 
 The marchers "thoughts"  during the march harnessed a great and much needed awareness of racism. A racism that is pure evil and comes in many forms. 
 Many shifts are coming. Shifts that will wake up a government that demands human rights for the people of other countries.  I wrote about one shift.  Which, was the coming out of "undercover racism"  in  America.  
 Many years ago, the great Martin Luther King prepared for the march to the capital. He understood that timing was everything. He understood that the every person marching had to be one One minded with the source that gives, grants, and empowers the "pneuma". 
 The "spirit" indeed convicted the people to examine the system.  A system that was inhumane towards a population of Americans that were different.  
 The Nation found that the treatment of the people were based on old ideals and teachings of their forefathers. Forefathers that were racist slave owners deeming them as property.
  So, civil rights were given to the blacks, but not civil justice.  That is why the people march again. But, love will not be present. Keep watch! 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Extraordinary Event of Courage

  It is an extraordinary event to stand out for the truth. That is what that juror is going to do in Ferguson, Mo. One courageous women is going to convey material to the people of America. 
 That will prove racism still exist and is more dangerous than before. Why, because the courts have created policies and procedures. That protect officials that have made bad decisions based on the race of another.  
  She is going to challenge the courts. The Nations are watching our justice system. 
      Right, when this event happens and then cheered . Paris is rippled with fear. Fear, that is going to stay. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Voices of the Unspoken: The Extraordinary Event of Ada Wright

Voices of the Unspoken: The Extraordinary Event of Ada Wright:    Extraordinary events are sometimes swept under hidden in our memories. If, I am not careful. I will miss the testimonies of my life. And,...

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Extraordinary Event of Ada Wright

   Extraordinary events are sometimes swept under and hidden in our memories.  If, I am not careful. I will miss these events of my own life. Sometimes, these events are told by my elders. 
   This phenomenon of hearing ancestral history is called oral tradition.  This tradition is dying away, due to the Great Beast of technology.
   The pneuma  can move people, even when they are not aware of being moved.  So, to hear prophecy being told . A person must beliEvE that they are good enough to hear. 
    Ada Wright was my grandmother and she loved my mother.  She was a wise woman and she was proud to be a member of the Order of  Eastern Star. 
    Often, telling of`her own prophetic visions.  My grandmother spoke to my mother about one of her visions. Bestowing a visualization cue that would impact my mother forever.
    She said, "Close your eyes and image."  That money will be lying on the streets,  just blowing in and out of the gutters. The money having no value, because it is only paper.
    She did not know why this would happen. But, she warned that when this great action occurs. The great tribulation is around the corner.
    After, hearing this wonderful piece of oral ancestry.  I performed my duty passing the oral 
information on to the fourth generation.  Henceforth, teaching my daughter. The value of talking about her past ancestors to her children. And, about familial prophecy.  
     But, I also had to believe the pneuma was speaking to me too. Keeping watch for this to happen. Remember, there is a soldier in every family.
     Keeping watch of the signs of the time. I will say that it is around the corner. So, I ask myself some questions.
      What will happen to the money of Greece?  Will there money be the blowing in ancient streets of Athens?  I will be watching!  
       Remember: we are the voices of the Unspoken

Thursday, February 19, 2015

An Extremely Extraoridinary Event...........

I scare myself sometimes.  I pondered. The Question, why did I pay tribute to Whitney Houston? 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Freedom to Believe

   The freedom to have a religious belief without interference from the media. Is only, expected from those whom believe. Remember: we are the voices of the unspoken