Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Extraordinary Event of Knowing

 I was in elementary school when my grandmother began to pray over my pencils. But, only when a test was taken and every time I would pass that test. Even, when  I did not study for that test.
 My grandmother was teaching me 3 lessons. The first and greatest lesson was the power of faith. I believed that my grandmother's prayers were heard by the creator. The second lesson was the power of prayer. I believed that my grandmother was a prayer warrior. The third lesson taught was the power of "knowing."  She was teaching me to know. I was blessed by the creator.
 The " pneuma " began teaching me things that were to come. After,  my brother passed. I remember   having a sense "knowing". That the Great Tribulation would forever be a part of my ideals and thinking
 If,  I was asked, "What is the meaning of my existence?"  I would answer, "I am waiting upon the new earth and new heavens."  I am doing this asking the creator. What is needed from me today.
 The extraordinary event of knowing is certain and unmovable. But, is a lonely existence. My friend has gone to be with the creator.
 So, I am very lonely. Is there a soul out there to comfort me?  Does anyone dare to let me in their world and share the extraordinary event of knowing. Remember: We are the voices of the unspoken