Monday, June 8, 2015

The Extraordinary Event of Our Quest

   I am perplexed, but not surprised. Witnessing the awesome and tragic extraordinary events. That are occurring in America and countries around the world. 
  These events are indicators of what is to come. I am sure that judgment has come upon all. Americans hold on tight, because we are paying for the sins of our forefathers. 
 We are now paying for the countless atrocities upon people of color. The deep seed of racism has not only affected our black, brown, yellow, and red Americans. That seed of racism has sprung across oceans. 
  I am an American. But, my home is where the "pneuma" dwells. I was asleep at birth. Waking to the voice of the doctor shouting, "Blessed child". As he held me high above his head. 
 He blessed a child that would suffer as a "biracial" American. A child that would not be accepted by neither race.  I have used this blessing of being white and black. 
 Understanding, the words that my mother said to me. Kimmy, you have the best of both worlds running through your veins. I have never chosen which race to call my own. So, I can tell the people of America and the world. 
 Yes, the races are not the same. But, both races have the generational curse of racism.  Our quest will be one of exploring and discovering. How racism has affected all human being.  In, which I will use the blessing of seeing "no color" and "no nationality".