Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Extraordinary Event of Watching Revisited.

 Remember, the story 'The Extraordinary Event of Ada Wright' and the prophecy that she told to my mother. She talked about the streets filled with money that was worthless. So, I correlated  that prophecy to Greece.
 The "pneuma"  tells me that when this happens. The Great Tribulation will begin. Because the European dollar is that money laying on the streets.
 The “beast” will roar when Greece reclaims the “drachma”.  When this happens Greece will break free from the EU. But, now as watch. I believe that the country that will be the U.K.This will cause a chain reaction of other countries, leaving the EU.
 Revelation warns the "horns of the ram," will break free from the face. I was taking a World religion class. Studing the testiment Revelation in the Bible.  John had a vision of a The  "pneuma" revealed to me when  I believe that the left horn represents Eastern Europe and the right  Western Europe. Greece was the first country to join the EU and will be the first to leave. Keep watch! Remember: We are the voice of the Unspoken