Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Power of Collective Consciousness

   Did the people of the marches know about the power of collective consciousness? Did the people of Ferguson know that they would facilitate extraordinary events ?  
 The marches were for the victims of police violence. But, the marchers marched for their own reason. They marched for final freedom. 
 The marchers "thoughts"  during the march harnessed a great and much needed awareness of racism. A racism that is pure evil and comes in many forms. 
 Many shifts are coming. Shifts that will wake up a government that demands human rights for the people of other countries.  I wrote about one shift.  Which, was the coming out of "undercover racism"  in  America.  
 Many years ago, the great Martin Luther King prepared for the march to the capital. He understood that timing was everything. He understood that the every person marching had to be one One minded with the source that gives, grants, and empowers the "pneuma". 
 The "spirit" indeed convicted the people to examine the system.  A system that was inhumane towards a population of Americans that were different.  
 The Nation found that the treatment of the people were based on old ideals and teachings of their forefathers. Forefathers that were racist slave owners deeming them as property.
  So, civil rights were given to the blacks, but not civil justice.  That is why the people march again. But, love will not be present. Keep watch!