Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Extraordinary Event of Understanding One's Quest

  I call to the one who has been waiting upon me. The king of earth or of the heavenly worlds. I have kept myself from the world. My parents trained me well.
  I heard my father weep to his sister. He told her that he did not want to die. Not, because of the things of this world. He wept.  Because he did not want to leave me, his child. Even, though his daughter was an adult.
  I could hear the terror in his voice. He wanted to be here with me. During these dark days and see me through this final battle.
 As, he saw my brother fight his battle of dying. My brother shed his blood upon my father. His heart exploded, causing him to he bleed through every orifice.
  I will tell the enemy that has been around me. Just, as my guardian has, too.  I cannot deny that the man that died for me. The man that died for all of us. His battle was hard.
 He did not have to do it. But, when he closed his eyes. He saw my face and the faces of his brothers and sisters. He knew that extraordinary events would come upon us.
  I know there are others that have seen angels. Now, is a good time for them to aid in our quest. Can anyone relate? Can anyone help me on my quest?