Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What's the Future?

 " What's the future for me and my sons?" shouts the man. As the stepfather of Eric Garner walks out of the court. It is an extraordinary event when a human being can take the life of another human being. Then when the facts are viewed and the punishment is decided. 
   This event becomes extraordinary because it goes beyond all principles. The decision not to punish a man for killing another man. This event radiants fear, oppression, anger, and the remembrance of slavehood.  
 An explanation was not given to the family or the nation. Explaining, why Mr. Garner's life had no value and no meaning. I hope the voices are heard, now. 
 The people of this nation watches. As our soldiers go into other nations. Fighting governments that America labels as being lawless. I wonder how the black soldier is feeling in Afghanistan. 
 I do not know the effect this has toward race relations. I thought that we had almost reached the other side of that mountain. Like Dr. Martin Luther King dreamed. 
  But, as we move forward into the next year. All countries and all people will be tested. The pneuma will move in ways. That will show that we all have one thing in common. We can not escape the signs of the last days.